River Ridge’s tips for making your life easier. And your budget.


  • decoration

We and most of our visitors think the ranch is just plain gorgeous any time of year. Everywhere you look there’s a backdrop that photographers love, so it’s easy to just let nature do the decorating.

It takes nothing more than a splash of color on the wedding arch to complete our River Barn’s décor and the lighting and ambiance in our reception Pavilion don’t require much help.

We already have beautiful swagged lights over the dance floor, hundreds of clear white lights around and above you, custom-forged chandeliers and many sconces that carry flickering candles (we provide).

Add the dance spot and custom/remote control of all the lights and much of the decorating is built-in.


  • centerpiece

We always urge our couples to consider using our vases and lanterns as part of their table decorations and to feel free to take cuttings right off the ranch.

There's nearly always something in flower, beautiful dried grass stems, green grapevine, etc. Commercial cut flowers are very expensive and almost always end up in our compost, so if you can think local and simple you can save yourself more wear-and-tear and considerable cost.

When considering centerpieces, think about how your guests will interact with them: will they be able to see over and around the creations?

Are you using something too tall and tippy? Centerpieces on mirrors are always a questionable idea!

Maybe in your grandparents' day folks used to hang around waiting to take home a centerpiece, but that seems to have gone bye-bye...

Guest Favors

  • favors

Couples frequently spend considerable money, time and effort providing these little thank-you gifts for their guests.

They range from jars of homemade jellies to CDs of the bride and groom’s favorite music. In our experience, the morning after finds lots of jars of homemade jellies and lots of orphan CDs on the ranch.

It’s not that we don’t love homemade jelly or your taste in music, it’s that you might just consider dispensing with this antiquated concept and do the thank-you during the toasts.

Of course, you’re welcome to continue the tradition….


Book on Hipcamp

We want to be sure to give you our thanks for all your help, advice and hard work in making Marcus and Rochelle’s wedding so wonderful! We appreciate all that you do.


You really went the extra mile to make sure every guest and even the crazy parents of the bride were comfortable!!


I had such a wonderful wedding and I especially loved the ceremony. Thank you so much for making it so special and exactly what we wanted.


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