Here's a taste of the 200+ weddings we've hosted

Here's a taste of the 200+ weddings we've hosted!

The beauty of River Ridge Ranch at any season provides the setting and our experienced staff provides the service.

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Blues Central with Special Guest Royal Guitarman | Live at River Ridge Ranch

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Blues Central and Special Guest Royal Guitarman Perform at River Ridge RanchJam-band Blues Central filled the Sierra Nevada foothills of River Ridge Ranch with the tunes of passionate live musicians. Folks from Springville and surrounding communities came out and enjoyed the three set show held in the outdoor pavilion. Click the link to see a set of images from the show by River Ridge photographer

Read more: Blues Central with Special Guest Royal Guitarman | Live at River Ridge Ranch

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We want to be sure to give you our thanks for all your help, advice and hard work in making Marcus and Rochelle’s wedding so wonderful! We appreciate all that you do.


You really went the extra mile to make sure every guest and even the crazy parents of the bride were comfortable!!


I had such a wonderful wedding and I especially loved the ceremony. Thank you so much for making it so special and exactly what we wanted.

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