Arielle Silver

Arielle Silver is a consummate storyteller whose rich, expressive voice and acoustic guitar frame expansive melodies that echo her many homes, tours, and travels across the American heartland.

Off-Grid Retreats

Off-Grid Retreats is a nonprofit that connects people to nature in a spiritual context to inspire healing and conservation. Through coordinating meditation camping retreats, Off-Grid Retreats strives to make mindfulness and wilderness appealing, accessible and...

Abby Posner

Abby Posner scores films, plays virtually any instrument and has been described as genre fluid. So, blues, rock, indie, bluegrass- she’s got it covered.

Alice Howe and Freebo

With her soulful, impeccably-tuned voice and crafted poetry, Alice Howe offers a love letter to 60s and 70s folk and timeless blues. Teamed with Freebo, Bonnie Raitt’s renowned bassist, they’re gonna rock the ranch.