The Sunday Series

Yosi Mesbah

For several years, we have run an eclectic music series at the Ranch called The Sunday Series.

The past several seasons have been focused on female-fronted bands, hoping to bring some equity to the arts world by hosting under-represented artists in an under-represented part of the state.

In recent months we have been fortunate to have Yosi Mesbah here as well as Judi Jaeger and Bob Reid.  In Spring, 2022, we have already booked Arielle Silver in March and Abby Posner in April. We’re actively pursuing performances for May and Fall.

In addition to our Sunday Series concerts, the Ranch also hosts the annual Foothills Festival on the first Saturday in November each year (pandemic shutdowns permitting) which brings together musicians and local artisans to celebrate life in the foothills.

Rob Hodges, a superb cellist and vocalist, is the Arts Coordinator for River Ridge Ranch and Institute.

Jasmine Bailey

Jackie Bristow

Jaeger Reid

Middle Fork String Quartet

Four Shillings Short