6The ranch’s 722 acres spanning the North Fork Tule River offer enormous habitat variety for wildlife to rest, roost, feed and nest. We include ¾ of a mile of riparian habitat, 100 acres of pasture with seasonal streambeds and springs, a mountain of blue oak woodland and, at the 3,000’ top, chaparral. River Ridge is home to over 100 kinds of birds, 37 kinds of mammals, 20 or so kinds of amphibians and reptiles and thousands of insects, other invertebrates and plants.

We currently offer two forms of hunting for California Quail and Wild Turkey:

  • Sign up for hunts with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s SHARE program. This offering from the state allows hunters to participate in a lottery to hunt on private properties. The cost is minimal. Click HERE to go to the CDFW website.
  • If you don’t care to work via CDFW, we can arrange a private hunt for you. That can be one or two hunters.
  • Quail hunts are $300/day for up to 2 hunters. Quail frequent the north Fork corridor and the springs in the pasture and adjacent foothills.
  • Turkey hunts are $600/day for up to 2 hunters, including lodging the night before your hunt. The Secluded Cabin and Bunkhouses in the middle of the pastures along a season riparian watercourse are the perfect location: go to sleep and wake up where you’ll be hunting.

Flocks of wild turkey are a regular occurrence on the ranch and neighboring properties. We’ve seen over 100 at a time during spring breeding season.

In either case, we’ll send you information and maps in advance and a list of suggestions about where to hunt.