All 722 acres. It’s hard to describe the possibilities for creating memories with mountain, pasture, river and all of the following individual Hipcamp sites provided for your group of 50’s exclusive use: Starry Night, Sierra Foothills, Secluded Cabin and Bunkhouses, Sycamore Arch, Turtle Flat, Hidden tent sites.

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River Ridge’s exceptional beauty and diversity translates into many things to many people, beginning as the ancestral home of the Yaudanchi band of the Foothills Yokuts for thousands of years, to today’s fully-protected place for spiritual renewal and growth.

  • Extensive walking paths for quiet, slow contemplative meanders through nature.
  • Numerous hidden grottos, glades, beaches and nooks for meditative seclusion and quiet.
  • Lovely spots to immerse in the river.
  • 8-mile round trip hike to the ‘Ridge’ for more strenuous activity.
  • 2-mile flat loop around the Pasture Trail.
  • Fabulous dark skies to wonder at the heavens. Listen to the owls.
  • Diverse wildlife- over 100 kinds of birds roosting, nesting, migrating.

Our facilities specialize in ‘Just Enough’ thinking – just enough for what you and your group need to allow you to focus on your purpose- without clutter or waste. We upcycle, reuse, recycle, restore, regenerate.

You have your choices of existing tent sites or create your own! Several small cabins, a tiny house, bunkhouses. Or, for the more adventurous, lay your sleeping bag on the pasture.